Heritage of Sindh
After partition Sindhi community had to pass through the most difficult times of their lives. Deprived of homeland, torn from their roots and leaving behind all wealth, they headed for India and were scattered all over.
Initially they remained occupied with their struggle for livelihood. Soon they realized that their existence as a race is in danger and strived vigorously to preserve their distinct identity. Without language a race cannot exist. A dynamic movement was launched and ultimately in 1968, Sindhi language earned appropriate place in the Indian Constitution.
However the times had changed and new developments posed a serious threat. Satellites were launched orbiting the skies. Numerous TV channels began telecasting round the clock. The invasion of the new satellite culture heralded tribulations for all indigenous languages and cultures, posing a threat to their existence, as if caught in a blazing storm! The intensity of pressure on Sindhi language was much higher as Sindhis in India and all over the World are widely dispersed in small numbers. They do not have land of their own under their feet. Thus the future of Sindhis seemed bleak.
"Aseen Sindhi" fraternity is a link to the Movement for Preserving Sindhi Identity. Our endeavor is to preserve the glorious Sindhi culture, language, values of life traditions. With this purpose in mind, this Web Site has been launched to present some glimpses of Sindhi Life for refreshing our sweet memories of Sindh.
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